Seminars & Retreats


growth & DEVELOPMENT FROM A Biblical Worldview...

Dr. Smiley conducts a variety of conferences and seminars across Georgia and throughout the Southeast. He began by leading and speaking at events with the Georgia and Florida Baptist Conventions many years ago.  

Seminar and retreat topics include: 

  • Breaking Attendance Barriers
  • Growing, Developing and Evaluating a Ministry Staff
  • Matters of Stewardship
  • Developing a Ministry Vision
  • Leading in Positive Church Transitions
  • Deacon Minister Selection, Training and Organization
  • Identifying Ministry Growth Barriers

He is an often requested facilitator for the Chattahoochee Baptist Association’s Key Leadership Summit. With over  40 years of senior pastoral experience, Dr. Smiley has assisted the local church and many pastors navigate the unique relationships of the church, pastor and community.

Dr. Smiley is pleased to create additional topics to address a church’s specific needs and desires to share what he has learned in order to promote Kingdom impact in the church and community.

Be assured that a retreat, seminar or conference with Dr. Smiley will be addressed from a Biblical worldview firmly rooted in the authority of God’s Word. The often heard motto at Lakewood Baptist Church is: "We proclaim Jesus and affirm Scripture.”

Previous engagements: 

(While Dr. Smiley's  pastoral responsibilities and schedule prohibit an extensive number of outside engagements, here are some of his most recent events.)

  • Ivy Creek Baptist Church, Buford, Georgia
    • Deacon Minister Training and Organization
    • Dr. Craig Dale, Senior Pastor:
  • Graceland Baptist Church, New Albany, Indiana
    • Church Growth and Deacon Ministry Development
    • Ray Green, Senior Pastor:
  • Chattahoochee Baptist Association, Gainesville, Georgia
    • Key Leadership Summit in which topics included: Staff Development, Transitioning a Local Church, Understanding Cultural and Generational Trends, Developing Generous Givers
    • Dr. JoJo Thomas, CBA Associational Missionary:
  • Southside Baptist Church, Savannah, Georgia
    • Church Growth, Staff Development and Deacon Ministry Organization
    • Dill Gooding:
  • Riverbend Baptist Church, Gainesville, Georgia
    • Deacon Ministry Training and Church Growth Matters
    • Mike Dorough, Senior Pastor:
  • Corinth Baptist Church, Gainesville, Georgia
    • Ministry Development and Deacon Ministry Organization
    • Dr. Bart McMillian, Interim Pastor:
  • Local Church (Confidentiality required)
    • Church/Pastor Conflict


For more information, please contact Dr. Smiley directly at or 770-532-6307.