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Truth the World Won't Tell You


Truth the World Won't Tell You


Truth the World Won't Tell You $25 plus $1.25 for shipping and tax
A study of the life and times of the apostle Paul.  Truth is a commodity that is often in short supply.
There is truth about many aspects of life in the 21st century that the world won't tell you. However, the principles, instruction and wisdom found in the Bible is exactly what is needed to experience the promise to Jesus: abundant life!
Listen and discover for yourself from this series, "Truth the World Won't Tell You'.

  • God makes old people new
  • Obedience has consequences
  • Solitude is necessary
  • Hollywood is make believe
  • Be a life giver not a life drainer
  • It's worth the wait
  • Embrace change
  • Serving is risky
  • Conflict doesn't have to end ugly
  • God will close a door
  • When storms come
  • Commitment is costly

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