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The Truth About the Bible


The Truth About the Bible


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There is much confusion and debate surrounding the nature of the Bible. Every Christian should have adequate knowledge of the scriptures in order to answer critics, inquirers, and agnostics alike.

Session 1 - An introduction about the Bible specifically addressing authorship, history, and a special narrative summary of the entire Bible.

Session 2 - Addresses questions about biblical inspiration.

Session 3 - Discusses how the Bible was put together. In addition, a discussion on various translations and paraphrases reveals interesting information. Rev. Don Ormsbee, Executive Pastor of Lakewood Baptist, assists Dr. Smiley in this session.

Session 4 - Asks two very critical questions:
Are there errors, discrepancies, and/or contradictions in the Bible?
Has the Bible been altered or revised over the years?

Session 5 - Investigates biblical numerology, Bible codes, and explores chapter and verse development.

Session 6 - Concludes the series with a discussion by Don Ormsbee about proper biblical interpretation, giving special attention to ten specific rules necessary for good interpretation.


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