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The Truth About Heaven


The Truth About Heaven


The Truth About Heaven $15 plus $1.25 for shipping and tax. 
This eleven-session series gives specific attention to the biblical teaching of the intermediate Heaven and discusses eternal Heaven being relocated on the new Earth. Based on Randy Alcorn's best-selling book, Heaven. Taught by Dr. Tom Smiley and Don Watson. 

Along the way, this series explores some fascinating questions about Heaven such as:

  • Will we eat in Heaven?
  • Will there be any children in Heaven?
  • Will we laugh, rest, sleep, and work in Heaven?
  • What age will we be in Heaven?
  • What will we look like in Heaven?
  • Will there be any animals in Heaven?
  • Do people in Heaven know what is happening on Earth?

Many, many more questions about Heaven are explored.

Pastors, Bible study leaders, and Christians seeking to be informed about Heaven owe a great debt of gratitude to Randy Alcorn for his comprehensive book, Heaven.  To purchase this or other resources, please send a check for payment to: Tom Smiley Ministries, PO Box 81 Gainesville, GA 30503 or you may email aleonard@lakewoodlife.org.

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