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The Truth About Angels


The Truth About Angels


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Angels are nearer to us than we think. They are wonderful expressions of God's love and care. However, folklore, myth, and 21st Century false teachings demand Christians to understand the truth about Angels.

Listen in and study with Dr. Smiley and the Lakewood family in this nine-session study of angels taught during Wednesday Night Live at Lakewood.

Disc 1
A General Introduction to Angelology
What Does the Bible Really Teach About Angels?
How are Angels Organized (Dr. Bart McMillan, founder of Life Lessons Ministry, shares in this session)
Disc 2
Guardian Angels or Not?
Time Out!  Let's Review.
Disc 3
What About Satan and the Fallen Angels?
What About Demons?
Is Demon Possession for Real?
What About Angelic Ministry during a Christian's Death?

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