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Order in the Home


Order in the Home


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Families today face immeasurable pressures. The challenges seem to increase with each passing year. Order in the Home is a two-message CD series that offers practical, timeless wisdom from God's Word that can encourage and assist every family.  

Order in the Home examines God's order for the home. In this two CD message series, Dr. Smiley walks through Colossians 3:18 & ff.

Part 1 - Dr. Smiley discusses how husbands and wives follow God's order in the home.

Part 2 - Dr. Smiley examines how children and parents follow God's order for the home.

In every American courtroom, "ORDER" is required or consequences result. In today's families, if God's order for the home is not followed, serious and far reaching consequences will result.

Order in the Home is a straightforward, no apology offered, message series that will challenge every family member to establish order in their home.
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