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Life Lessons from Jude


Life Lessons from Jude


Life Lessons from Jude $12 plus $1.25 for shipping and tax
Sometimes it’s hard to tell the truth. Jude demonstrates real courage in telling the truth about who Jesus is and about God’s judgment on false teachers and false doctrine.

In this six message expository teaching from the letter of Jude, you will be inspired and challenged to stand for truth about Jesus! In Life Lessons from Jude, Dr. Smiley speaks uncompromisingly about Jesus and those who teach falsely about Him.
Message One: The Challenge is Personal
Message Two: Defend the Faith!
Message Three: The Future of False Teachers
Message Four: Responding to False Teachers
*Message Five: Absolute Truth about Jesus
*Message Six: Fight for the Faith
*After concluding the Series from Jude, Dr. Smiley felt impressed to further explore Truth from Jude. Specifically discussing Who is Jesus and the Christ follower’s duty to Defend the Faith.
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