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Angels All Around

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Angels All Around

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 Do Guardian angels really exist? where do angels come from?  What is the difference between demons and angels? Can a Christian be possessed by demons? Do you know the role of angels following the death of a Christ-follower?

You will also be inspired reading of real life angelic encounters from ordinary people recorded in Angels All Around.

People are fascinated with angels.

We read about them, tell stories about them, write songs about them.   But many popular beliefs about angels are not only untrue they arejust plain silly. 

Dr. Tom Smiley has researched the truth about angels from the only authentic source: The Holy Bible. In Angels All Around he addresses many contemporary questions:

  • Do Guardian angels really exist? Where do angels come from?
  • What is the difference between demons and angels?
  • Can a Christian can be possessed by demon?
  • What do angels following the death of a Christ-follower?
  • He also includes stories from ordinary people who have encountered angels.

He wrote this book, “Angels All Around” believing it will help you love God and reach your potential in Christ. And, indeed, God may well send an angel to help you.

The personal study questions at the end of each chapter make Angels All  Around  a great resource for individual or small group Bible study. 

Expect to be inspired.